ES 25 Energy saver for lighting and variable motor loads

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ES~25 Energy Saver is a proven and state-of-the-art Energy Saving equipment installed in series to Mains / Sub lighting panel to minimise the wastage of energy and save electricity bills up to 30%.

The device works under the principle of voltage and current optimization technique to reduce wasteful energy and harmonics which results in improvising power quality and reduce demand charges.

The power saving system such Street light energy saver has award winning Automatic Thyristor controlled equipment to adjust the source voltage, lighting ignition level, street light control and time based switching mode, to get maximum benefits in terms of conserving energy.

Street light energy saver system employs low loss high efficiency impedance matching system without de-lamping or re-lamping the existing circuit with its user friendly on load bypass, short circuit protection, iot monitoring system capabilities

Product Benefits

  • Save energy with payback period as low as 18 months.
  • Enhance the life of luminaries and reduce the heat in choke driver Maintenance free with more than 20 years life span.
  • Complete automation system is available with voltage optimization, harmonics suppression and power factor improvement.
  • Environmental friendly and reduce the light by almost 50%.
  • Web based and App monitoring and control facility to save additional energy up to 10%.


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Energy savers for Motor Loads and AHUs

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ES~25 is a high efficiency device to optimize the voltage, reduction of harmonics and adjusting the capacitance of the motor to minimize the power loss or wasteful energy and convert into direct savings The equipment is best suited for variable load motors such as Compressors, Lifts, Escalators, injection Maulding Machines etc. The drop of voltage from 3.3V to 2.9V (optimum level) resulted in 9% reduction in voltage resulted in 20% reduction in consumption for the Microprocessor


System Schematics

  • Harmonic Suppression – Designed to eliminate Harmonics
  • Star connection to optimize the voltage​​​​​​​
  • Power Factor improvement to adjust the capacitance to the desired level
  • Impedance matching technique is used.


Active Harmonic Filters and Power Optimizers in ES~25 Energy Savers help to eliminate harmonic pollution from the grid, reduce power quality problems and use energy more efficiently and reliably.

Low power factor results high current, rise in copper loss and reduction of efficiency of the system. Incorporation of Power Factor Correction System in ES~25 Power Saving Equipment facilitates improvement in the Power Factor because this is designed to achieve precisely unity power factor/ near to unity to get maximum PF rebate and avoid leading PF and available for balanced as well as unbalanced loads.

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    ES~25 Energy Saver for lighting and variable motor loads