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Inverter ACs work on the RPM modulation principle. When RPM is reduced KWH is also reduced. Being India is a hot country, in the day time, as soon as RPM is reduced the room temperature becomes hotter & the RPM again increases to keep the room temperature constant. When the compressor is running continuously on high RPM there is a thermodynamic saturation in the energy in the cooling coil & the cooling coil temperature continues to drop and the condensation happens in the coil & sometimes a film of ice is formed on the coil, which reduces the heat transfer. Thus the efficiency of the AC falls & the RPM again increases to maintain the set point. However, even in Bangladesh if people use an inverter AC at night they will get good savings.
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We take this opportunity to present Airtron the world’s only Programmable Microprocessor- based A.C Energy Saver with Dual sensors for “Reading” & Display of both Room & and Coil temperature , and also referencing the Ambient Temperature and Guarantees savings upto 35% while maintaining and displaying the Precise Set Temp , at Paybacks of barely 3-6 months!

How it works

The Airtron’s dual sensors reference the Room and Coil & Ambient Temperature and uses complex, multiple algorithms in a “closed -loop circuit” to reduce the Compressor Run-Time, to ensure the high savings while maintaining and displaying the Set Temp. Precisely:

  1. AC’s lack “intelligence” and work simply on a mechanical timer and relay while Airtron Retrofits intelligence to the AC.
  2. AC’s do not have a room temperature sensor but rely on the Return Air Temperature which measures the temperature of the warm air leaving the room. This leads to over cooling & wastage esp. in the cooler periods. The Airtron has an additional sensor to measure the actual room temperature, just like precision AC’s, thus preventing over cooling & saving substantial electricity.
  3. AC’s do not measure coil temperature which leads to thermodynamic saturation & wastage. The Airtron measures the actual coil temperature as well as the differential between Room & Coil temperature. Thus offering more savings.
  4. Often customers set a very low temp. on the AC remote thus the set temp. Cannot be Achieved but the compressor runs continuously, thus wasting energy. The Airtron cuts off the compressor when it detects overcooling in the evaporation coil, at a coil temperature programmed by you.
  5. The Airtron measures the ambient temperature thus minimizing the compressor run time for your set temperature at any given ambient temperature. As it gets cooler in the evening or in the monsoons/autumn seasons the compressor run time is reduced while maintaining your precise set temperature -so more savings. The Airtron is Programmable for your geographical location and climate and adapts automatically to changes in season and ambient conditions – this substantially contributes to the savings.

AIRTRON overcomes the many inherent design Deficiencies in all AC’s to extract Savings

Problem 1

AC’s have no “Intelligence” and are controlled only by mechanical Relays and Timers Preset for the hottest climates.

Solution: AIRTRON retrofits “Artificial Intelligence” with a Set of powerful Algorithms to your AC to Save Energy & Increase the life of the Compressor.

Problem 2

AC’s have no Room Temperature sensor and sense only the Return Air Temperature (R.A.T.), BUT the Room Temperature Varies by upto 4˚C, vis-à-vis the R.A.T. So energy consumption is higher, due to the wrong reference temperature and overcooling.

Solution: AIRTRON has an additional, Digital, highly sensitive Room Temperature sensor (like the PAC) to save energy and maintain the precise Set Temperature which is also displayed.

Problem 3

The relationship between Coil Temperature and Room Temperature is vital, e.g. if for a Set Temperature 25˚C , Coil Temperature required is 9˚C , i.e. a differential of 16C , conventional A/C’s do not have a sensor to read or control the Coil Temperature or differential .

Solution: AIRTRON has an additional Programmable sensor to read, display “The Coil Temperature” and control “The Differential Temperature” after the S.T. is achieved. This further enhances the savings.


Problem 4

AC manufacturers cannot customize each unit to the different climates. AC’s have a common control setting designed for the hottest conditions. This leads to huge Wastage even in the hot regions in the cooler seasons / hours but especially in Cooler Regions. In your AC when the Set Temperature is achieved, the Compressor continues to run for an additional fixed period (6-8 minutes-the “Overcooling period”). But this is only required few hours a day in peak summer but wastes Electricity the balance of time, and all the time in cooler climates. Also in hotter climates, by reducing the prefixed “off-time”, the overcooling can be reduced substantially! Solution: AIRTRON lets you program your Off-Time and Over-Cooling Period based on your Climate and Usage day/night.

Problem 5

Many AC’s typically do not achieve the Set Temperature especially if it is set at 18˚C or 19˚C . As a result, the compressor runs continuously-this wastes a huge amount of electricity and cause many problems:
  • Ice formation on the coil- reduced heat transfer and cooling.
  • Motor and Compressor run hot increasing specific consumption upto 30 -40%.
  • Refrigerant liquefies -risk of compressor seizing.
  • Frequent maintenance issues.
Solution: The Coil sensor in AIRTRON will cut off the compressor at a Coil Temperature programmed by you – not only saving substantial electricity but also increasing the life of your Compressor and Reducing breakdowns.


IoT-based Energy Management System involves integrating smart devices and sensors to collect real-time energy consumption data. This data is transmitted to a central platform for analysis and optimization. By leveraging advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, the system identifies energy consumption patterns, detects inefficiencies, and suggests energy conservation measures to achieve optimal energy usage and contribute to sustainability goals.

  • The Difference between the ambient & set temperature.
  • The difference between the room & set temperature

The Airtron’s predictive algorithm is akin to an Automatic gear box. It reduces the run-time whenever the set temperature is achieved but if not achieved it increases it.

This ensures even in the hottest climate the set Temperature is achieved, and as the ambient or room Temperature reduces, the run time keep reducing to increase savings.

Thus at for any set temperature the Airtron will ensure the run cycle is lowest possible, to maximize the savings and there is absolutely no situation when the Airtron cannot achieve savings or your set temp.

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